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What we do

Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha has first class expertise in all core areas of law and is able to offer unrivalled expertise in the relevant fields, with in-depth knowledge of each industry sector.

We have an outstanding and proven track-record in dealing with sophisticated transactions, such as M&As, spin-offs and carve-outs, asset acquisitions, different types of financing, concessions, public procurements, etc. We assist clients in the performance of M&A due diligence reviews, financing due diligence, etc.

The firm moreover has substantial hands-on experience of conducting sensitive procedures in front of the Albanian authorities.

We group our services as follows. This is a non-exclusive list of the services we offer to clients in each service group:



  • Barriers to entry

  • Foreign investments

  • Entities

  • Governance

  • Market conduct

  • Taxes

  • Regulatory and Compliance

  • Employment and industrial relations

  • IP & IT

  • General law




  • Incorporation and governance documents

  • Purchase agreements

  • Prospectus documents

  • Statutory merger and de-merger documents

  • Financing and security agreements

  • Agency and distribution agreements

  • Concessions and PPP agreements

  • FIDIC governed contracts

  • Energy, oil and O&M agreements

  • Employment schemes and benefits

  • Licensing and regulatory documents



  • M&As

  • Spin-off’s and carve-outs

  • Asset Acquisitions

  • Concession awards and negotiations

  • Public Procurements

  • Loans

  • Asset Finance

  • Project Finance

  • Encumbrances




  • M&A due diligence

  • Financing due diligence

  • Contract implementation

  • Competition and market conduct

  • Corporate compliance

  • Data protection and privacy policies

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Tax reviews



  • Incorporation procedures

  • Regulatory procedures and contentious

  • Licensing procedures

  • Contract registrations

  • Cartel and dominance procedures

  • IP registrations

  • Tax appeals and rulings

  • General administrative procedures




  • Competition litigation

  • FIDIC related disputes

  • Corporate and commercial litigation

  • IP protection

  • Insolvency procedures

  • Insurance claims

  • International arbitration

  • Investment treaty protection

  • Post M&A disputes

  • Tax disputes

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