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Scope of unsolicited proposals for PPP/Concession projects limited

The Albanian Parliament has passed law no. 50/2019, approving certain amendments to the Law no. 125/2013 on PPP and Concessions.

Starting from October 1st 2019, the government will accept for review unsolicited proposals for PPP/Concession, only for projects for works or services related to ports, airports, production and disturbing of electoral energy, heating energy and disturbing of natural gas.

With this amendment, unsolicited proposals for PPP/Concessions projects related to road infrastructure will no longer be allowed.

Additionally, the party submitting unsolicited proposals in the above areas, will no longer be entitled to receive a bonus by the government of up to 10% of the award points in the tender procedure launched for the project. Instead, the party submitting unsolicited proposals will only be entitled to the reimbursement of costs, if the project is successfully awarded to a third party, but the amount to be reimbursed will not exceed 1% of the investment value of the awarded project.

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