JD, Bucharest University Law School, Bucharest, Romania - 1999

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Ledia Beçi


Ledia Beçi is an associate at Hoxha, Memi & Hoxha.


Her practice focuses on administrative law, employment and immigration matters.


Ledia has assisted a number of expatriates in obtaining the necessary employment and residence permits to work in Albania.


She has moreover an excellent track record with administrative, in particular licensing, procedures as well as with regulatory audits from public institutions, etc.


Before joining HM&H, Ledia worked at the PAMECA EU Mission, where she was involved in a significant number of projects related to legal advice provided to the Albanian police and to the General Prosecution Office. She also worked at the OSCE PiA, where she was involved in various projects in the areas of human rights and security.


Ledia received a J.D. equivalent from Bucharest University Law School.

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